There are a lot of moving parts to getting Social Media Marketing for Franchises right.

The core challenges are:

The trend toward local content to maximize engagement

Multiple parties are often involved such as Agencies, Franchisor and Franchisee

Current software tools are not designed to support multi-location marketing

Many of top social media management platforms are built for single brand presence so you might find engaging in hyper-local social media marketing to be difficult and time consuming. But the increased engagement and campaign effectiveness benefits of Hyper Local are well worth pursuing and there are easy ways to make multi-location franchise social media marketing work. It’s proven that localization of advertising across all channels is more effective and Social Media is no exception, in fact local is a key trend.

social media marketing for franchises
Marketing for Franchises

But you need the right software. A platform built to deal with national branding but also the minutia of localization. The software should have a robust hierarchy of permissions built into the Dashboard to seamlessly administer and orchestrate all parties to perform social media marketing for the franchises within the brand control set by the Franchisor.

Buzzigo controls, optimizes and automates multi-location social media marketing for franchises. Buzzigo can be white labeled and folded under your brand and tightly integrated with your CRM, ERP or whatever you need.

The Dashboard allows the Franchisor, Master Multi-Unit Franchisee or Agency to remotely push out social campaigns to clients and or locations. Campaign performance is easily monitored at every level; franchise user, location and franchisor and across all content (social post to our integrated Landing pages). Buzzigo goes a step further and boils down all metrics into a single ‘at a glance’ effectiveness score called a BuzzScore.

Effectiveness data & BuzzScores at every level for every client!

Core software features that make Hyper-Local social marketing for franchises easy and effective!

  • A content aggregation system by location with direct links to libraries and social posting tools.

  • Integrated Landing Page Builder to maximize conversion.

  • Unified metrics combining user actions in social and web content for ease of determining effectiveness.

  • Simultaneous Multi-Network posting.

  • A Clone function with the ability to embed location variables in posts and landing pages so content is automatically localized when deployed to multiple locations.

  • A Dashboard with integrated hierarchy of permissions for brand control, approval cycles and ease of tracking.

Social Media
Hyper-Local franchise social media management

Personalized local content is critical to franchise social media marketing success. Buzzigo’s content aggregation system not only allows aggregation of relevant multiple feed sources but also filters the feeds with location based keywords. When you choose a location, the feeds adjust and filters to present only the local relevant stories. You can quickly post the story, or capture it as future campaign contents.

Buzzigo makes Hyper-Local franchise social media management a reality! Take a close look at what we can do for your brand!