• The Mystery of the Facebook Newsfeed

    07 Jan 2016 / Multi-Unit Social Marketing

    Being a bit of a data nerd (after all Buzzigo is basically a data driven platform) I continue to be fascinated by the complexities of web algoritms. The most obvious example is of course Google Search and as we constantly feed the Google machine with keywords, metatags and sematic terms, it's easy to forget that the social world has an increasingly powerful set of data that drives what we know and how we learn. I just read this very compelling article on Slate (http://www.slate.com/articles/technology/cover_story/2016/01/how_facebook_s_news_feed_algorithm_works.single.html) that really digs into the Facebbok feed and how it is maintained tweaked and updated by the Newsfeed team at Facebook. 

    The article is long, but here some things that stood out:

    1. Facebook constantly gathers both real data about your activites and then cross references that data against their real world test user expereinces. 

    2. The real-world "fuzzy" data is increasingly becoming more important as a ranking tool.

    3. Some of the ways users use Facebook, such as the Hide Post option do not imply a dislike - merely a "I've read this article" reaction.

    4. For anything to appear in your Facebook feed you have to expressed some interest in the person / page, but more and more the context and content seems to be rising to the topas the predictive algorithm takes on a great importance.

    5. The amouint of time you spend reading an article effects it's ranking.

    6. If you like the article before reading it, after reading it or not reading it at all effects the ranking of future articles in different ways.

    7. As Facebook gives us more power to control our feed, what we are really doing is providing them more data to deliver us content.

    8. The algorithm will never be perfect because it is ulitmately impossible to predict the human behaviour of over 1.2B humans. 

    These points really reinforce the fact that it is becoming increasinlgt difficult to engage your social audience organically in their newsfeed. So learnign about who they are and what resonates at a granular is critical. We beleive that the power of distributed social marketing across multiple units / locations is a significant step in helping you acheive organic growth.

    Buzzigo is the first and only social marketing platform that was built from the ground up to support the complexities of multi-unit social marketing and offers a significant competitive advantage of other mainstream platforms that have not considered the multi-unit challenge.