• Getting Personal on Social

    08 Dec 2015 / Multi-Location Marketing

    Find your local Identity

    One of the area advantages of having a localized social account is that it allows you to really talk to the people you are targeting. Instead of adopting a general persona you can find an identity that reflects your community. Of course there are always exception that disprove this rule, but people tend to take their identity from their community and want to hear that underlying all your communications. 

    For example - If you sell a product in Ohio you need to speak to your customers sense of midwest pride and home values. If you are in California or New York your identity will be much more cosmopolitan and progressive. 

    Understand the local conversation

    In the same way that your personality must reflect your local community, so must your conversation. If you were to attend a party in one town the talk will be very different from the next. Make sure you understand what people locally are talking about and reflect that in your social conversations. People only respond if they think you care about and understand their issues. They want to talk to people who are knowledgeable about the things that matter to the,.

    Find the lines and take some risks

    Finally - don’t be afraid to take a few risks. This is an area that marketers struggle with the most. Something you say may impact your brand in a massively positive or negative way. But that is one of the values of understanding your local community. What excites them and what offends them. What do they have fun with and what boils their blood. So to make an impact you need to loosen up but also be sensitive to where you are loose. If you see something that you know will generate an opportunity to make an impact, go for it. 

    In summary - use your local presence to stand out from the crowd in your community. Learn, who your community is, what they are talking about and what makes them tick. Have fun!