• Franchise Marketing is local and social.

    25 May 2016 / Multi-Location Marketing

    A couple of weeks back we were at the Multi-Unit Franchising Conference in Vegas. 

    What a great event, with super motivating speakers and an event hall packed with the latest franchise concepts and technology for managing everything from ops to marketing.  

    The key takeaways:

    1. Give back some of your success!

    There was an undertone expressing that the best companies help everyone meet their goals. This means that the franchise business is much more that just about making the owner money.  A thought to consider as you build customer loyalty.

    2. Marketing has gone local! 

    We were delighted to see that many now understand that Social is a primary source of customer information.  And your customers are locally oriented and with phone in hand they are in control of what they see and digest. So, successful marketing must meet your customers in a relevant and meaningful way on their phones in their communities. 

    Ta da!  Sounds like it’s time for Buzzigo’s 3 Clicks to All!!!  

    LOL...give us a call.