• Five Key Pointers to Consider when Marketing Your Multi-location Business on Social Media

    16 Oct 2015 / Multi-Location Marketing

    Social Media has rapidly become the most important channel for local businesses to communicate with their loyal customers. But the challenges of marketing a brand that has hundreds or even thousands of locations can seem overwhelming. Buzzigo’s powerful multi-location marketing tool will certainly help go a long way to solving this challenge, but keep these tips in mind as you get engaged.

    1. Local customers want local content. Your customers want to read stories and view videos that mean something to them. Since each of your businesses is likely to be in a unique community you need to reflect the identity of that community. If you don’t fit in you won’t be found. Become part of the dialog. Talk up topical events that impact your customers and they will want to listen to what you have to say.

    2. Don’t underestimate the power of your customers voice. In a word: Listen. What are your customers saying about you, your brand or the community they live in. Good listeners are as important as good talkers. When you listen to what people are saying you can pick up the trends and amplify them yourself. Your customers will appreciate what you say about them and will tell others. But the more you engage, the more you are likely to expose yourself to negative buzz. So keep listening and respond effectively and positively to even your worst critics.

    3. Don’t be boring. What you say and post on social media should be funny, interesting or both. You can share existing content to a different group that made you laugh or made you think, or if you are really creative you can come up with your own original ideas. Make sure it’s topical, not off-color or too politically bent. You will run the risk of alienating people who could otherwise be your customers.

    4. You can promote your brand created content locally, but be careful. Centralized brand content can be awesome to promote your local business. It is usually professionally created and presented, and will help you raise your profile. For example, well produced video, that you could not normally afford, can be used very effectively to drive social interactions. But don’t overdo it. The occasional corporate post that respects Rule 4 (funny or interesting) is awesome, but be selective, or you can easily drive people away if it seen as too promotional.

    5. Be consistent and intentional. Once people get comfortable with your brand and your unique, local perspective, they want to know that you are not going to "weird-out" on them. So before you post anything make sure it retains the essence of what you are about. Think about who you are targeting and make sure it fits the profile. It shows that you respect your customers, and helps you build trust.