Automating Local Social Media Marketing!

Delivering relevant local content from your Brand to your Fans!

Get Local with Social

Built to Manage and Optimize!

Local Social Media Branding

A robust hierarchy of permissions, approval cycles, content ‘lock-down’ features and much more provides social branding control and brand protection.

Automatic Localization

In 3 clicks, clone a social campaign to 50 or 1000 locations, complete with landing pages, schedules and time zone management and have the content automatically localize. What could that save you!

Unified Metrics

Tired of cobbling together reports to figure out how effective campaigns are? Rest easy, we track user actions across all content and at all levels providing meaningful tangible data. So you know what’s working where and who might need some help!

Accelerate Engagement & Growth

Hands down…Hyper-Local social marketing across all industries is more effective than single brand presence. More relevant, more engagement, more effective, and more growth.

We make Hyper Local online marketing a reality!

Agencies, Franchisors, Brands with Distribution Channels welcome to Buzzigo a Social Media Platform which is all about perfecting multi-location social marketing and managing hyper-local identities to maximize effectiveness. Here is our local internet marketing platform feature set and some screen shots.

Effectiveness data & BuzzScores at every level for every client!

Content Aggregation by location!

Clone entire Campaigns in 3 Clicks
content localizes automatically!

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